Monthly Archives: May 2017

Seeing the classroom – Wubit Habtie

Wubit Habtie is a 35 year old teacher at Amba Giorgis primary school, in northern Ethiopia. For the past 8 years, Wubit has been teaching biology to mostly grade 7 with her class size averaging 60 pupils from the age of 12-16 years. Currently 2,300 students attend Amba Giorgia Primary school and rely on teachers […]

Seeing the blackboard – Adams Mambwe

The following story is of Adams, a boy helped by Vision Aid Overseas recently in Zambia. Eleven year old Adams needed glasses to see properly. Before Adams was seen by Vision Aid Overseas, he was struggling at school because he couldn’t see the blackboard well enough to learn. After his eyes were tested at our […]

Self-employed carpenter – Mapepala Musonda

The following story details how donations to Vision Aid Overseas helped self-employed Carpenter, Mapepala Musonda get back to work. Mapepala is a 57 year old carpenter from Chipulukusu, Zambia. He works hard to be able to support himself and his family. He has always enjoyed creating and constructing from wood. Before visiting the Vision Centre […]