Choosing Retrospecced for a fabulous, individual look means that you are also supporting an ethical, sustainable fashion movement and you are making a substantial donation to a very worthwhile charity. 

At Retrospecced we work with the charity Vision Aid Overseas, who are the recipient of up to 70,000 donated frames each week, to go through the donations and select the very best of these frames to refurbish for Retrospecced. The frames we cherry-pick for you include some brand new designer frames as well as some amazing retro and antique designs, including the much sought-after NHS frames 524 and 594. 

Donated second hand glasses used to be sent out to the developing world. However, this has not been the case for the past few years. It is a logistical nightmare to match up donated frames to an individual person due to the enormous range of variables in prescriptions, and in 2010 the World Health Organisation and the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness agreed that this was not a sustainable way to provide vision care in the developing world. Instead, local stakeholders are trained to provide eye tests and dispense the correct prescription lenses to people as and when needed. The donated used glasses are now sorted through by charities such as our partner Vision Aid Overseas, who pick out those which can be recycled for their precious metal content or re-sold. The rest of the glasses are taken to a Recycling Facility.

Find out why charities such as VAO no longer send donated frames overseas at this link here

Retrospecced exists to give these fabulous retro, antique and designer frames a new lease of life. All frames are ultrasonically cleaned and fully refurbished. The frames can then be supplied with lenses for your prescription. Our highly experienced glazing house is able to cut and fit lenses to delicate older frames as well as to modern designer models, allowing you to try a unique look for a competitive price.

On our sales pages, select the pair of frames that you like. Frames are graded as either 5* (pretty much immaculate) or 4* (minor wear and tear, but we would be happy to wear them ourselves). We do not sell frames below this standard that we would not be happy to wear ourselves. 

You can then choose whether you would just like to buy the frame – in which case you can head straight to the checkout – or you can let us know your prescription, and we will arrange for your glasses to be glazed before we ship them out to you.

Donate your old spectacles and contribute to charity

If you have old designer spectacles, or even antique / retro spectacles in your possession that you’re wondering what to do with and are too good to throw away, please do send them to Retrospecced to be upcycled and also contribute directly to our partner charity, Vision Aid Overseas.

Spectacles must be in pristine condition. For each pair that we are able to use, you will receive a £10 voucher towards your next purchase from Retrospecced.
Please send to (and include your contact details!):
Retrospecced, 34 Windmill Bank, Wombourne, West Midlands WV5 9JD.
Thank you!