Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try the frames on?

Yes! We now offer a home trial service - you can find out more here! If you are torn between a few pairs and unsure which will suit you best, you can purchase the frames you're interested in (without lenses) and they will be posted out to you. Once you have tried them on and decided which frame or frames you would like lenses in, pop them all in the post back to us. We’ll send your chosen frames off to be glazed, with a £5 voucher off the lens price. We refund you for the frames you don’t keep!

All frames should be returned to: Retrospecced, 39 Bridnorth Road, Compton, Wolverhampton WV6 8AF.

What is my Pupillary distance (or PD)?

Your PD is the distance between your the centre of your pupils. It is important that the centre point of each prescription lens lines up with your pupils in each eye, so that the pair of glasses perform as well as possible for you. This is particularly important if your prescription has a high-strength.

How do I find out what my Pupillary distance is?

Usually the optician will not include this with your prescription, so you should ask your optician for your PD following your eye test. If you do not know your PD, we may be able to make your glasses using an average PD measurement (based on a survey of 4,000 people). However an accurate measurement is preferable and so we would ask that you measure this yourself at home.

How do I measure my Pupillary distance?
  1. Place a millimetre ruler on the bridge of your nose.
  2. Have someone face you about arm’s length away.
  3. Have them measure the distance between the centre of your pupils (the black dots in the middle of your eyes). Your PD is this distance in mm.

Why is it important that I have my PD?

People with strong prescriptions and whose pupillary distance diverges significantly from the average may experience problems with glasses made using an average PD measurement as the focal point of the lenses may not match where their pupils are. An incorrect PD won’t harm the eyes but may cause discomfort or strain which would be noticeable upon wearing the glasses. If you decide to order a pair of average PD measurement glasses and find yourself not getting along with them so well, then please do contact us and we will see what we can do.

Can you put any lenses in any of your frames?

Yes – we can put whichever lenses you want in to any of our frames. If you want a pair for reading or driving, then we can glaze them with your prescription – or if you would like us to convert a pair in to sunglasses (prescription or not) we can do that for you as well! We can even put mirrored tints on the sunglass lenses for you to give you a unique look! Check out the pricing matrix at the bottom of our home page to see what we offer. If what you are looking for isn't there, please contact us and we will do our best to help!

Don’t forget that we donate 20% of the price the frames sell for directly to Vision Aid Overseas on your behalf.

What’s your relationship with Vision Aid Overseas?

We are a commercial partner of the charity Vision Aid Overseas, and we have pledged to donate 20% of the price that we sell any of the frames for directly to VAO to support the vital work they do providing eye care across Africa.

Why do we do it? Because we believe in recycling, sustainable fashion, and the power of business to do good in the world. We believe in the work that Vision Aid Overseas carry out, and know that they are making a huge positive difference to the lives of people across Africa.

Find out more about who Vision Aid Overseas are and their incredible work here.

Where do you get all of your frames from?

All of our frames have been donated directly either to Retrospecced or to our partner charity Vision Aid Overseas, with the purpose of generating revenue for Vision Aid Overseas. Over 70,000 frames a week are donated to Vision Aid Overseas, and they sort through them in their warehouse just outside of London – cherry picking the best vintage and designer frames for us to upcycle, with the rest being recycled for their scrap metal value. This is a fantastic resource, so thank you to everyone who donates their (or their grandad’s!) old frames to a good cause!

Can I return my Retrospecced spectacles to you?

If you have bought frames only (no lenses), then you may return them to us at your cost and we will refund the frame price. If you have added in lenses then the glasses have been customised for you and we are sorry but we cannot accept returns on these at the moment.

Is each frame unique?

Many of our frames, particularly the vintage and retro ones, are one-of-a-kind in our collection. We may have more than one frame of certain designer styles, but if you customise them with your own mirrored lenses for example, then they are a unique look for you!

Can I donate my old frames?

Yes please! If you have old designer spectacles, or even antique / retro spectacles in your possession that you're wondering what to do with and are too good to throw away, please do send them to Retrospecced to be upcycled and also contribute directly to our partner charity, Vision Aid Overseas.

Spectacles must be in pristine condition. For each pair that we are able to use, you will receive a £5 voucher towards your next purchase from Retrospecced.

Please send to (and include your contact details so that we can send you your voucher!):

Retrospecced, 39 Bridgnorth Road, Compton, Wolverhampton, WV6 8AF.

Thank you!

I love a pair of frames I can see on the website, but don't have a recent prescription

The vast majority of frames that we sell are a one-off, so if you see a pair that you love but need to go and visit the optician before you can order your lenses, we can't guarantee that they will still be available a week later!

We recommend that you purchase the frames and if you know the lens package that you would like, then please select this at the time and select the 'send prescription later' option when you are asked to input it. Alternatively, if you are unsure which lens package to choose please make a note in the comment box at the payment page that you would like us to hold on to the frames for you until you have had an eye test. Once you have your prescription, we can glaze the frames for you, and you would pay for the lenses at this stage.

What do the frame size measurements mean?

You may have noticed in the description of each frame we have for sale, there is a frame size measurement written in the format of '52/16'. What do these numbers mean?

The numbers are the lens and bridge measurements in millimetres for that particular frame, and can be found printed on the inside of the arms or sometimes on the inside of the bridge. The numbers may be separated by a dash or a small rectangle. The first number corresponds to the widest diameter of the lens, and the second corresponds to the width of the bridge above the nose. The closer the measurements are to those of your old glasses, the more similar the new ones will look on your face. The larger the numbers, the larger the frames!

Some retro frames do not have these measurements printed on them so we have ranked them small, medium or large as a guide for you.

If you are still unsure about the size of a pair of frames and whether or not they would suit you, please get in touch with us at and we will help you out!