Frames are priced individually, with 20% of the frame price being donated directly to our partners Vision Aid Overseas on your behalf.

Please see below for glazing options if you would like us to customise your new frames. Our experienced glazing house can add in prescription lenses (clear or sunglasses) as well as non-prescription tinted or mirrored sunglass lenses for you.


Non-prescription sunglasses:

TINTED: Brown or grey tinted lenses: £29

MIRRORED: Gold, blue or green mirrored lenses: £45

 Prescription lens packages:

BRONZE: Standard scratch-resistant lenses: £29

SILVER: Scratch-resistant and multi anti-reflection lenses (Opticians’ choice): £45

GOLD: High index lenses (thinner and lighter lenses recommended for prescriptions higher than +/- 3, scratch-resistant and multi anti-reflection): £59

For prescription sunglasses:

TINTED: Brown or grey tinted lenses: + £10 to chosen lens package

MIRRORED: Gold, blue or green mirrored lenses: + £35 to chosen lens package

Ready Readers

We now offer a ready reader option for all of our frames, so that you can choose a prescription from +1.00 through to +3.00 for your glasses, and don’t have to send us your prescription. Have a fabulous upcycled pair of Retrospecs rather than a cheap disposable pair in your bag!

BASIC: High quality scratch-resistant lenses from +1.00 to +3.00: + £15

DELUXE: Scratch-resistant and multi anti-reflection lenses: + £25

If you are unsure what you require or want to discuss options not offered here, please don’t hesitate to contact us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Returns Policy

If you have bought frames only (no lenses), then you may return them to us at your cost and we will refund the frame price to you. If you have added in lenses then the glasses have been customised for you, and although we can refund the frame price if the frames are returned, we  are sorry but we cannot refund the lens cost.