Lens Options

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We offer a number of different lens options. Here we describe the difference between the various options to try and help you decide which are most suitable for you. If you have any questions, please contact us and we’ll help you out!


  • Standard uncoated basic lenses
  • Appearance: reflections clearly seen in the lenses so that the wearer’s eyes are often hidden. Spectacles can appear quite ‘obvious’
  • Comments: Wearer may notice reflections from screens / tablets / headlights as they are not filtered out, which may cause some discomfort
  • Standard thickness – suitable for prescriptions up to +/- 3.00


  • Standard coated basic lenses
  • Appearance: reflection-free so that the wearer’s eyes can be seen clearly. Frames become a style choice rather than just being a corrective pair of lenses
  • Comments: reflections and glare reduced from screens / tablets / headlights, reducing eye strain and giving an overall better cosmetic appearance
  • Standard thickness – suitable for prescriptions up to +/- 3.00


  • Thinner coated higher index lenses
  • Appearance: coatings on these higher index (thinner) lenses are superior and come as standard. They are thinner and lighter than the silver or bronze options, making them look better if your prescription is high (over + 3.00)
  • Comments: these coatings reduce glare and consequently eye strain. As they are thin and light weight, they are more comfortable to wear – particularly if your prescription is high
  • Higher index, thinner lenses – suitable for prescriptions up to + 6.00

We do offer even higher index lenses for those with prescriptions over + 6.00 – please contact us for a quote.


All of our varifocal lens options are offered in our bronze, silver and gold packages (please see descriptions above). As with single vision lenses, if your prescription is quite high (over + 6.00) or complex, please contact us.

Basic varifocals (available in bronze, silver and gold packages):

  • The basic design is the standard varifocal where the top part is for distance and it blends down into the reading part at the bottom of the lens
  • This design can be slightly restrictive as it is effectively a blended bifocal, and so the intermediate part can be quite short and the reading portion of the lens can be quite small

Freeform varifocals Deluxe Design (available in bronze, silver and gold packages):

  • Designs for varifocals have improved over the years, and the ‘freeform’ varifocal is one of the most advanced
  • This varifocal lens has been designed to have larger distance and reading areas, with a smoother transition between the two – making it much easier to adapt to and more comfortable to wear

Office Lenses

These lenses are especially designed to give both reading and intermediate focuses. You can specify 1, 2 or 4 metres for the top part of the lenses when looking up. Fabulous for computer use and specially recommended with blue control to relieve eye strain. Available in standard and deluxe, with deluxe designed to give wider, more comfortable areas of vision (available in bronze, silver and gold packages).